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Monday, September 17, 2012, [0] Alien

Trial Finish . Alhamdulillah lancar . Now , Run to Cover some sub . Walk to Spm , Catch all My waste Time ."Motivate like a energy drink, that thing gain your power back." Something I get From Abg Long Tweet From Twitter . Ohsemmm . Lawakk rasanyaa Bilaaa baca . Hahahaha . Doakan Zaty Supaya Zaty  Berjayaa and Give a Superb Result for my Parents . Aminnnn . Thanks Alls . :') Good Luck jugakk kat Korang Oukayy ? Spm or Pmr Around the corner . "Good Luck Dunia Akhirat" - Kak Yan . Allahu . Kbyeee . Assalamualaikum 

Bonjour fellas

Don't have crush.I know who I am.Don't judge me Behind my "hmm" there are lots of things I wanna say to you. Gangster and No feeling to love right now.Waiting my Imam

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