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Saturday, July 28, 2012, [0] Alien

See ? Now, 28/7 and My trial on 28/8 . One month from today . Ya Allah . Banyak lagi tak cover k .Time study History , Tetiba rasa Tension Because All of facts in My history Book Don't kee Melekat In my Brain Like a 'Flu' . Please laaa Jangan Tetiba ada Penyakit Ingatan janka pendek Right now . Every now , days Full with Extra Class at school also Tuition . "Bu , Rasa macam nak Stop k Tuition Luar . Hm . Shoo Tiredd Nak berkejarr keasana Kesiniii . Sudahh la balik School sangat laa lambat .From now , now and now again Tanakk dapat Terukkk For Trial . Anggap Trial itu The Real Exam ,Spm . Goshhhh . Pray For me Everibadi . Thanks alot . :')

Bonjour fellas

Don't have crush.I know who I am.Don't judge me Behind my "hmm" there are lots of things I wanna say to you. Gangster and No feeling to love right now.Waiting my Imam

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