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Tuesday, June 5, 2012, [0] Alien

What are fucking crazy ? It's getting hard to wait , I'm trying to make he see . That he don't really knows that i'm trying to find a way . And tells he everyday , that he just goes along .So,Idon't wanna be the only one that knows that somebody could come along and just say the love for me , I'm standing shaking around and i'm been thinking that i'm gonna lose it . Cause i'm losing my mind , I'm losing my head , i'm losing control of myself this time . He's got me losing my head i'm losing my mind , I;m losing my way , But i think she feels i;m already caught.Are you talking to me ? I'm already caught , i wish that could see but it's making you feel this should be.My love is like gunshot .All it takes is a shot for me to blow it all away . I don't wanna feel like I'm just wasting time It's gonna be with you and no one else .Until you notice me ,ineed to know right now cause i've been think it that I'm gonna lose it . I'm losing myu head , I'm losong my mind , I'm losong control of myself this time . He's got me losong my head , I'm losing my mind , I'm losing my way But i think he feels Imma already caught . Give me change to.....But Boy , make me nervous .By now you should have noticed me . And what will it take it . To a heavenly .... You're driving me insane.

Bonjour fellas

Don't have crush.I know who I am.Don't judge me Behind my "hmm" there are lots of things I wanna say to you. Gangster and No feeling to love right now.Waiting my Imam

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